Hey there. Just over ten years ago, I started Mexicue as a food truck roaming the streets of NYC. Mixing an education in fine dining with a love of street food. Selling things like BBQ Beets & Smoked Short Rib Tacos in tin-foil wrappers, out the side of a used fed-ex truck. Constantly concocting tastes that people found both familiar and new. Creating batshit crazy tacos that folks would line up for in the middle of a New York winter. Over time we've grown into a full service restaurant with a damn good mezcal and marg game. 

As our world evolves, we’re evolving the brand along with it. Which is why we've launched Bodega. To share some of our favorite spices, sauces and items for your kitchen and bar.

Over the last ten years we've done endless experimentation with spices which have become the backbone of the unique, big, bold flavors at the restaurants. Now you can inject some of that Mexicue magic into your cooking at home with our Chili Salts.

And we've spent a ton of time seeking out rare and beautiful handmade products from our neighbors in Brooklyn to traveling down in Mexico. We're excited to be able to share our sauces, spices and some home goods with you at our Mexicue Bodega. These products were carefully sourced in collaboration with our good friends at Meridian.

Cheers! Thomas Kelly