Kitchen Notes

Harissa Recipes: Red & Green

There are plenty of high-quality store-bought harissa out there but who doesn't love when they make your own hot sauce? Shockingly, most North Africans buy harissa rather than make it. In fact, in the book New Moroccan, San Francisco chef Mourad Lahlou remarks that only very rich families in Morocco make their harissa from scratch. Everyone else buys it from the store.

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Master Class: Harissa

Forget fish sauce and kale; the ingredient of the moment that we’re most excited about is harissa. This red pepper condiment is ubiquitous on the tables of restaurants and homes alike in its native Tunisia, and nearby countries including Algeria, Libya and Morocco. But it has made serious inroads in the States as well, appearing with regularity on the menus of top restaurants including Bar Bolonat in New York City, Lucques in Los Angeles, Butcher & Bee in Charleston, and countless others.


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