Kitchen Notes

Sweet Potato Wedges with Herbs and Chili Salt

How it is already November?! We just can’t believe how quickly time has flown--it feels like we were just enjoying the sunny days of summer, and now all our free time is occupied with Thanksgiving planning and holiday brainstorming.

This time of year always feels a bit hectic, right? So we’ve learned to rely heavily on a few super easy recipes to get us through the beginning of the week, when the idea of laboring over a stove just doesn’t track. We’re sharing one such recipe today: roasted sweet potato wedges.

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Hot Sauce Deviled Eggs

Our new Hot Sauce Field Guide has a pretty good range of recipes that cover flavors and applications, but it all starts from a place of simplicity. Making hot sauce at home is as simple as mixing together chilies, water and vinegar. Seriously. And this basic ratio is at the foundation of our book. What’s more, our bottle of simple homemade hot sauce has the most application in our kitchen. It transforms a classic deviled egg recipe into something with far more punch and character. Try for yourself!

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