Kitchen Notes

The Chili Lab Gift Guide

by Thomas Kelly on Dec 01, 2015

Now that the craziness of Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) is behind us,  we’re planning our gift shopping in earnest. And we know that you probably are too! We constantly get asked by friends and family for suggestions of what to get chili-lovers, so we put together a list of our favorite gifts. Enjoy.

  1. The Chili Lab Hot Sauce Kit: For years we wished that something like this kit existed, particularly around the holidays, so we could share our love of hot sauce with all of our friends. So, finally, we decided to just make it ourselves! Our hot sauce kit comes with 2 starter packs of chilies, plus all the gear your need (bottles, fine mesh sieve) to get your hot sauce operation underway! 
  2. The Chili Lab Hot Sauce Field Guide: For those who have already flexed their hot sauce prowess, this miniature cookbook dedicated to hot sauces from around the world is a logical next step. Recipes span from Mexican mole to the sweet-spicy chili jams of Southeast Asia. 
  3. Chili pepper seeds: Some of the exotic peppers out there are hard to source, especially in fresh form. If your loved one has a green thumb, consider gifting him or her an array of heirloom pepper seeds to plant this spring. We like Baker Creek’s Heirloom Seed Catalog, which has everything from fish peppers to the tabasco peppers for which the hot sauce is named.
  4. Green Chile Vodka: Most chili-infused liquors out there are heavy-handed, synthetically made abominations. Lucky for us, the thoughtful tastemakers at St. George Spirits in California have created a counterpoint with their Green Chile Vodka. Made with serranos, habaneros and sweet bell peppers, it has a pleasant heat as well as a  tell-tale crisp fruitiness that makes a beautiful addition to Bloody Marys or even a Martini
  5. Gift card to Kalustyans: For our money, there’s no better source for stocking up on less familiar dried and ground chilies than Kalustyans, a massive Indian market in New York City. They sell their wares online and ship all over the country.