Kitchen Notes

Introducing the Chili Lab Hot Sauce Kit

by Thomas Kelly on Oct 20, 2015

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and a new cooking adventure is the right tools. To that end, we’re thrilled to announce our latest creation, The Chili Lab Hot Sauce Kit. A collaboration with W&P Design, the Hot Sauce Kit comes with everything you need to create a bespoke chili condiment of your own.

Each kit contains a four bottles, a funnel and fine-mesh sieve, as well as chili starter packs for your first batches of hot sauce. The Forager’s Blend, a mix of guajillo, chipotle and pequin chilies, yields a spicy, deeply earthy hot sauce with notes of berries and smoke. The Grove blend, consisting of piri piri, anaheim and habanero, offers a bright, zesty flavor.

You’ll also find our master hot sauce recipe, a template for all your hot sauce experiments to come.

Paired with The Chili Lab Hot Sauce Field Guide, the Hot Sauce Kit is a perfect gift for the chili lovers in your world, and a must for your own kitchen.