5 Ways to Use The Chili Lab Garden Blend Chili Flakes
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5 Ways to Use The Chili Lab Garden Blend Chili Flakes

by Michael  Lathrop on Mar 18, 2019

Chili peppers are our favorite type of food, but we understand the apprehension people have when it comes to these fruits. Spicy food could be a bit nervewracking for the sensitive palette. That's why we came up with The Chili Lab. There is more to chili peppers than spice.

From berry to woody to citrusy, there are flavor profiles found in chili peppers you won't see from other foods. To celebrate their complexity, we came up with a chili flake blend with low heat and lots of flavors. Welcome to The Chili Lab Family - The Chili Flake Garden Blend.


From the Hot Sauce Kit to Chili Flakes


Our DIY Hot Sauce Kit--The Homemade Hot Sauce Kit, is extremely user-friendly. However, some people are a little hesitant to pick up the funnel. This hesitation doesn't mean they should be penalized from experiencing the spectrum of flavor that comes from chilies all over the world. That is why we came up with our line of Chili Flakes.


What is The Chili Lab Chili Flakes?


The Chili Lab Chili Flakes are a convenient way to bring flavor (and a touch of heat) to any dish, beverage, or sauce that you concoct. With a dash of a finger, the blandest pot roast can be transformed. It's that easy...and that delicious!

Our Chili Flakes come in three varieties:

🌶 Grove Blend
🌶 Forager's Blend
🌶 Garden Blend

Of the three, the Garden Blend has the lowest level of heat. That makes the Garden Blend a great introductory Chili Flake for the heat-hesitant. However, don't let a low-heat profile turn off the craziest of chili heads. There's still enough of a kick to satiate the buds.

With that being said, the flavor is unparalleled. The Garden Blend Chili Flake has a unique balance of:

🌶 Berry
🌶 Grassy
🌶 Spice

These are three sensations you wouldn't imagine melding together. Prepare to get your mind blown. So, how do you use the Garden Blend Chili Flakes? Here are 5 fantastic ways!


Rub Onto Pork


Meat is an integral part of the pork dish. However, if the protein isn't seasoned properly, then the recipe is rather pointless. A dry rub is essential to transforming from duller to dinner. 

pork tenderloin
The berry notes in our Garden Blend complements the juiciness of the meat. As it roasts, the juices will bind to the herbs. This marriage in flavor will guarantee an explosion of delight in your taste buds. 


Sprinkle Onto Popcorn


Let's face it. Nothing you make at home tastes quite like the movie theatre. So, stop clogging your arteries trying to get on their butter level. Turn a dry, flavorless popcorn into an artisan treat. 


What makes The Chili Lab Garden Blend stand out on popcorn is the herbal profile of the condiment. It gives a new take on popcorn that might just change the way you see this treat forever. Just don't be mad at us if the movie theatre shakes you down for trying to smuggle some Garden Blend Chili Flakes in!


Bloody Mary Mix


Let's face it. Every generation, the Bloody Mary game gets upped. Heck, Sunday brunches are littered with Build-You-Own-Blood-Mary Bars. Take it from the make your own hot sauce people...put some Garden Blend Chili Flakes in your next Bloody Mary!

tomato juice

The peppercorns in a Bloody Mary mix pairs wonderfully with the herbs in our Garden Blend. Then the tomatoes in the drink synchronize with the berry notes in the Garden Blend. And what's a Bloody Mary without a little heat? The three components of the Garden Blend Chili Flakes is refreshing icing on the Bloody Mary cake. 


Make Your Own Spice Blend


Part of the fun of getting in the kitchen is making the space your own. That includes making your own blends. Pre-packaged rubs and marinades are great and all, but you're talking to the same company who makes the DIY Hot Sauce Kit. Craft your own spice blend!


How do you think we came up with the Garden Blend Chili Flakes in the first place? You just need to see what works and go with it. Everyone's palette is different.

Use the Garden Blend Chili Flakes as a base and maybe sprinkle in some adobo and orange pepper for a chicken rub. Maybe mix the Garden Blend with some soy sauce and peanut butter to make an herby Thai teriyaki. The options are endless!


Make Your Own Hot Sauce


Of course, we are going to say make your own hot sauce. What's great about our Chili Flakes is that you can use them as refills for the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit. In fact, when you purchase the DIY Hot Sauce Kit, you get Forager's Blend and Grove Blend Chili Flakes as well. 

However, if you want to try a new type of hot sauce out, make your own hot sauce with the Garden Blend Chili Flakes. If you don't have the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit, you can also make a Basic Hot Sauce Recipe