Kitchen Notes

Chili Roundup

by Thomas Kelly on Jul 24, 2015

We’re not the only ones with chilies on the brain. Here are some of our favorite finds from the web this week.

  • Meet the 27-year-old chili baron who is singlehandedly jump-starting the growth of shishito peppers
  • This video of a 9-year-old who eats a Carolina Reaper pepper has gone viral (spoiler alert: chilies are hot sometimes).
  • Pimenton is the key behind this recipe for barbecue sauce from the New York Times 
  • Summer is a great time to try your hand at infusing booze, and has several recipes to get you started, including a spicy jalapeño-and-cucumber gin
  • This inventive take on shakshuka, a classic Israeli egg dish, uses tomatillos in place of tomatoes. Take it one step further by swapping out the jalapeños for a different, more unusual chili.