Green Chili Bloody Maria
Kitchen Notes

Green Chili Bloody Maria

by Thomas Kelly on May 04, 2015

Kick your brunch game up a notch by going green with the Green Chili Bloody Maria. A Bloody Maria swaps out the vodka in a Bloody Mary for tequila. If you think that's loco, this Bloody Maria isn't your traditional red. We use salsa verde and green Tabasco sauce to give this Bloody Maria a tangy bite. Finish off with your favorite Blood Mary fixings or get in the complete Blood Maria spirit by topping off your cocktail with some Pequin Chili Salt

Green Chili Bloody Maria

Makes 1 Beverage


🌶 2 fl oz salsa verde
🌶 several dashes green Tabasco hot sauce
🌶 .25 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
🌶 1.5 fl oz tequila blanco
🌶 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
🌶 5 teaspoon grated horseradish
🌶 healthy pinch The Chili Lab Péquin Chili Salt & black pepper
🌶 pickled vegetables to garnish


Pour salsa verde, Tabasco, and fresh lemon juice into a 16 oz. glass. Stir together. Then pour in the tequila and give another stir. Keep stirring as you add the Worcestershire sauce and horseradish. Finally, add your fixings, black pepper, and Chili Lab Péquin Chili Salt to taste. Then...taste!