Kitchen Notes


by Thomas Kelly on Mar 30, 2015


Editor’s Note: In addition to featuring specific chilies and how to use them, we’ll be looking into some of the most classic preparations of chilies from around the world in a series called “Master Class.”

Tomato sauce is the little black dress for chili peppers.

From pasta to shakshuka, a basic tomato sauce has endless applications, and provides a perfect canvas for showing the range and depth of different chilies.

Perhaps the most classic version of chili-spiked tomato sauce is pasta all’arrabbiata, or “angry” pasta. Its simplicity has made it ubiquitous at Italian restaurants all over the country, but too often arrabbiata gets overshadowed for showier recipes. While special occasions might call for a homemade lasagna or carbonara, we can’t help but revel in the simple brilliance of a bowl of perfectly spicy, sauce-y arrabbiata.