The Piri Piri Chili Pepper
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The Piri Piri Chili Pepper

by Thomas Kelly on Feb 16, 2015

Piri piri on the wall, who is the herbiest pepper of them all? Okay, the piri piri pepper might not have the greatest heat or the earthiest flavor, but it's these light nuances that actually makes this pepper so desirable. You're not so intimidated by the heat that you can actually explore the flavors fully. That is why piri piri is a staple in our Grove Blend Chili Flakes.

You can also make your own hot sauce with our Homemade Hot Sauce Kit. We provide you with two artisan hot sauce flavors in the Forager's Blend and Grove Blend. That way you can experience the complexity that is the Piri Piri in everything from your morning eggs in the morning to your Michelada at night. 

Now that you're less intimidated by this chili pepper, let's get to know the Piri Piri Pepper better!

History of the Piri Piri Pepper

You’re probably familiar with the name “piri piri” as it relates to chicken. Piri Piri Chicken is a classic dish is ubiquitous in Portugal, and its popularity has spread worldwide. But “piri piri” goes way beyond poultry; the word is actually Swahili for “pepper” and refers to a specific varietal of chili that was originally cultivated in Africa.

The piri piri chili, also called the African birdseye chili, packs plenty of heat. It registers 300,000 on the Scoville scale (a jalapeño, by contrast, measures only 10,000).

This pepper's clean, bright flavor makes it one of the most exciting chilies to keep in your kitchen. The piri piri’s sharp herbal notes and citrusy underpinnings can help bring rich ingredients into balance, or amplify starchier dishes, all while adding a welcome dose of heat.

Sourcing the Piri Piri Pepper

This chili pepper isn’t widely available in the States, but it’s worth hunting down. Look for it in specialty stores or online markets, such as Kalustyans. You can always try piri piri pepper by purchasing Grove Blend Chili Flakes. Otherwise, look in a specialty store and get them dried. From there, you can easily rehydrate your chilies

Storing Piri Piri Peppers

Piri piris are almost always sold dried. Keep these peppers in an airtight container. Store the container in a dry, cool space. These dried chili peppers will keep for up to one year.

Pairing Piri Piri Peppers

These peppers are light, bright, and zesty. They will make you pucker and smile all in one. Most importantly, the piri piri pepper willl keep you coming back for more. That makes piri piri peppers and Grove Blend Chili Flakes perfect for:

🌶 Poultry
🌶 Fatty Fish (Salmon, Mackerel, Swordfish)
🌶 Feta, Goat Cheese
🌶 Shellfish
🌶 Whole Grains (Brown Rice, Barley, Freekah)
🌶 Avocado
🌶 Cauliflower
🌶 Sweet Potatoes
🌶 Cauliflower
🌶 Cilantro
🌶 Mint
🌶 Gin
🌶 Tequila
🌶 Chamomile Tea
🌶 Honey

    Piri Piri Pepper Recipes

    At The Chili Lab, we do more than just encourage you to make your own hot sauce at home. We, want you to make food from all over the globe in your very own kitchen. Here is how:

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    Want to see if piri piri is right for you? Give it a try with our Grove Blend Chili Flakes or try out our Chili Flakes Trio Set for a sample size.