Kitchen Notes

Introducing Chili Butter!

by Jennifer Pantin on Jul 18, 2014

We are so excited to introduce to you our newest product - chili butter! Available in three delicious flavors, chili butter will change the way you cook! (Seriously!)

Instantly add heat and complex flavoring to any simply dish! Toast for breakfast? Add chili butter and wake up those taste buds! Baked potatoes? Not so boring anymore - just add our Garden Blend Chili Butter and some parsley. You instantly have a creamy baked potato with currant and tomato notes and a light heat that is just right to spice up a side dish.

Speaking of side dishes, we love playing around with different varieties of chili butter and sautéing vegetables. One of our favorites? Corn, sautéed with our Grove Blend Chili Butter, cilantro and lime. The fruit and citrus notes of the butter perfectly compliment sweet summer corn and lime juice, while adding a delicious bold heat. Yum!

Chili butter is also perfect to replace regular butter in your regular recipes. Making a galette or savory pie? Add our Forager's Blend Chili Butter to bring out the earthy smoky notes of your ingredients and a medium heat that wont overwhelm your crust.

Whipping up some polenta? Skip regular butter or olive oil. Mix in our Garden Blend Chili Butter, and add some tomato sauce and shrimp - instant dinner.

We hope you love Chili Butter as much as we do! Don't forget to tag us in pictures of any food you make using Chili Butter or Chili Salt on Instagram