Kitchen Notes

First Summer Fruits

by Jennifer Pantin on Jul 13, 2014

The first flush of summer fruits are finally here! From juicy peaches, to tart cherries and perfect raspberries, we are loving every minute of this summer harvest. While perfect in pies and cobblers, fruits also pair well in savory dishes, and their sweetness is perfectly compliment by the heat of chili salts, while the salt amplifies their sweetness - a match made in heaven. While we go raid our farmer's market, check out these fruit and chili salt pairings as inspiration for your next meal!


Bing Cherries: Sweet and tart, this fruit just screams summer. Trying pairing it with Dandicut Chili Salt and using it to top off chicken or pork. The tart flavor compliments the citrus notes, while the sweetness plays perfectly against the floral flavor. 

Rainier Cherries: The sweeter more delicate cousin of the Bing cherry, Rainier's are still hardy enough to hold their own against Habanero Chili Salt. Their sweetness is the perfect match for the floral and fruit notes of the Habanero. 

Strawberries: Nothing says summer like strawberries! For an unexpected flavor trying pairing these berries with Chipotle Chili Salt. The red berry flavor is the perfect match, while the smoky notes bring about an unexpected and delicious combination. 

Raspberries: Sweet, delicate and bursting with flavor, raspberries are a luxurious summer treat. Play their strong flavor against the Aji Amarillo Chili Salt for a playful pairing that highlights, but doesn't overwhelm the flavor of the raspberry. 

Peaches: From salsas (yum!) to pies (double yum!) peaches pair perfectly with a little chili heat. The juicy peach can stand up to the Habanero Chili Salt and it's floral and fruit notes are the perfect compliment. Of all the pairings on this list, this one is our favorite!