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Potato Soup with Spicy Shrimp

by 99 Ecommerce Experts Collaborator on Dec 30, 2013

Potato Soup with Spicy Shrimp


Tips to Spice Up Your Potato Soup

This recipe gives you two options to bring up the heat. Traditionally, you should use a 2 teaspoons Turkish red-pepper paste. It's known as biber salcasi. Biber salcasi is not available in most grocery stores, so you need to go to a Middle Eastern specialty store. 

That is why this recipe says you can opt for harissa sauce. Harissa is a more commonly used spice in the Americas. However, you can also make your own harissa sauce. In fact, you can make red or green harissa that would complement this dish splendidly. 

Add any of our Chili Salts to spice up this amazing potato and shrimp soup. However, you can really blow the lid off your taste buds by sprinkling in some Grove Blend Chili Flakes. It's citrus nodes add a tangy tinge to these shrimp!

Here's a creamy recipe with a bite courtesy of Food & Wine.