10 Creative Ways Use Your Homemade Hot Sauce
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10 Creative Ways Use Your Homemade Hot Sauce

by Michael  Lathrop on Apr 30, 2019

Homemade Hot Sauce Kit and Avocado Toast

All right! You just made your first two hot sauces with your Homemade Hot Sauce Kit. Now what? You can do the typical drizzle over eggs or slather it all over a taco. However, we here at The Chili Lab like to encourage people to go beyond heat and get a little creative.

Now that we got your creative hot sauces flowing with your Homemade Hot Sauce Kit let's put that sauce to good use. Here are 10 Creative Ways to Use Your Homemade Hot Sauce.


What Are Hot Sauce Flavors in the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit?

If you've never used the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit or this is your first time making your own hot sauce, you might not know what flavor profiles we're working with. 

When you purchase a Homemade Hot Sauce Kit, we send you everything you need to make two artisan flavors in your own home. 

The Kit conveniently comes with:

🌶 2 Chili Lab Spice Blends (Forager's Blend and Grove Blend)
🌶 4 Glass Hot Sauce Bottles with Corks (4 oz)
🌶 1 Stainless Steel Funnel
🌶 1 Fine Mesh Strainer
🌶 1 Hot Sauce Instruction Card

We do everything but make the sauce. That's the fun part, and that is for you. Now, that you have a solid introduction of what the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit is, let's take a quick detour and explore the two flavors that are going to transform your menu.


Homemade Hot Sauce Kit: Forager's Blend

The Forager's Blend has the berry flavor you'd expect of a chili flake with this hue. Its sweetness is further enhanced by the smoky, almost oak-like undertones that linger with each bite. 

Our blend is thoughtfully crafted with three delicious chili peppers:

🌶 Guajillo
🌶 Chipolte
🌶 Pequin

These three chilies create a flavor profile that it makes this hot sauce particularly delicious with lamb and wild mushrooms. However, this article is about more out-of-the-box ways. Now, let's take a look at the other hot sauce blend flavor profile you get with the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit.


Homemade Hot Sauce Kit: Grove Blend


This is like the tropical oasis of hot sauce flavors. The Grove Blend has a zesty spirit that brightens any dish its added to. Don't let these tangy vibes fool you as the Grove Blend has a lingering bite. However, the sweet kiss of citrus keeps having you come back for more. 

This back-and-forth with your taste buds can be attributed to these three chilies:

🌶 Piri Piri 
🌶 Habanero 
🌶 Anaheim

Your Grove Blend Hot Sauce has a light texture that lends itself to seafood, chicken, and kale chips. However, you can be a bit more creative than that. Here are 10 ways how. 


Make a Salad Dressing

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When you have excess sauce, use a salad dressing. Many salad dressings you buy in the grocery store are high in calories and low on flavor. Since the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit recipe causes a vinegar base, your hot sauce makes for a great addition into a homemade salad dressing. 

Just as you got creative making the hot sauce yourself, think-outside-the-box when crafting your salad dressing. How about mixing a little honey mustard and peanut oil in with the Grove Blend? Perhaps combine some extra virgin olive oil,  a dash of raspberry balsamic vinegar, and some Forager's Blend Hot Sauce? With the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit, the salad dressing options are endless (Betcha never thought you'd say that!). 


Create a Popcorn Topping

Date night can be expensive. The popcorn alone can cost more than the movie. So, bring date night home. Pop some popcorn on the stovetop. While that's happening, heat up a 1/4 stick of butter. 

eating popcorn

As the butter becomes more solid than liquid, add in hot sauce. For beginners, try starting off with about 1/4 cup of hot sauce. We don't like to judge. Use as much as you want! 

You'll notice this sauce has a creamy, almost Buffalo sauce texture. It'll coat your popped kernels like a cozy hug. 


Fold Into Your Burger

What's more delicious than a juicy burger? Well, make it even juicier with some leftover homemade hot sauce. As you are working the patty, add in a little hot sauce. While both flavors would go magnificently with a hand-crafted burger, we'd recommend the Forager's Blend for your first go-around.

Usually, a mouth waters before eating a burger, but with this one causes your mouth to water as you chew. The woodsy flavors of this sauce burst with each bite into your burger, making you fire up the grill for seconds in no time. 


Make Corn Muffins

This right here is a game changer. Just a little hot sauce into your corn muffin batter will go along way. We highly recommend adding a touch of Grove Blend Hot Sauce to a jalapeño cheddar corn muffin. 

corn muffin

If you're making a berry muffin, there's no better compliment than adding some Forager's Blend to the mix. The chipotle nuances are amplified in the presence of berries. This makes for an eye-opening morning treat. 


Mexican Hot Chocolate or Tea

Ever had a hot sauce so good, you wish you could drink it? Well, now you could. Add a little bit of Forager's Blend to your hot chocolate. We suggest you do this around a fire for the ultimate internal warm-up. 

You can add some Grove Blend instead. That would be a delicious additive for someone who enjoys chocolate-covered citrus fruits. However, a 1/2 teaspoon of Grove Blend can transform your energizing green tea in a cup of island getaway!


Make More Sauce

Leave it to the makers of the Homemade Hot Sauce Kit to say make more sauce. While you can buy refills of Grove Blend and Forager's Blend Chili Flakes for future hot sauces (or try something new and get the Garden Blend), you can also use the hot sauce you already made...to make more sauce.

Are you making some homemade spaghetti sauce? Add in some homemade hot sauce. Without question, the Forager's Blend will add a bold flavor to your sauce that will make family triple dipping their garlic bread.   


Want to switch up a marsala sauce for portobellos or fish? The Grove Blend is to the rescue. Your Grove Blend sauce pairs deliciously with chicken broths, white wines, and other light sauces used for leaner proteins.

Lastly, both flavors are perfect for homemade aiolis or mayo dips. We suggest mixing in some Grove Blend aioli with garlic and mustard on a ham sandwich or Forager's Blend aioli with a touch of brown sugar and minced onion on a pastrami wrap.


Add to a Smoothie/Juice

We throw many foods with bite into our smoothies and juices including ginger, lemon, and bell peppers. Why wouldn't you throw in a little bit of hot sauce?

Give your pre-workout routine the heat you need by combining the Grove Blend with tropical fruits and lighter colored vegetables. The citrus zest of the Grove Blend works well with oranges, bananas, carrots, mangos, and celery. 

If you have a berry-heavy blend, bring the flavor up a notch with some Forager's Blend. It's rich flavor also blends nicely with dark greens and beets. 


Mix In Your Hummus

We all love a good hummus dip. However, it seems like we've tried every flavor under the sun. That's why you need to go beyond the boundaries by going beyond the heat. 


Both flavors bring a unique experience to traditional hummus. If you want to jazz up a roasted red pepper, caramelized onion, or sun-dried tomato, try using the Forager's Blend first. Olive tapenade, spinach, and artichoke, and lemon hummus blend nicely with your refreshing Grove Blend Hot Sauce. 


Hot Sauce Frosting

Just because they blew out the candle doesn't mean they blew out the heat. If you or your loved one is a Chili Head, make them some hot sauce frosting. 

When you are blending the cream cheese and butter to make the frosting, add in the hot sauce and mix a little more before adding in any dry ingredients. 

Which homemade hot sauce you use depends on which type of frosting you are making. However, we are partial to use Forager's Blend in icings on chocolate cakes while Grove Blend goes well with vanilla.


Add to Your Jam

We love pepper jelly. While you can make pepper jelly at home, sometimes you can just mix and match what you already have on hand. For instance, a blackberry jam with Grove Blend hot sauce on a cinnamon raisin bagel is the breakfast of champions. 

jam and toast

You know what else is our jam? Putting Forager's Blend Hot Sauce on some strawberry jam. From there, we put the jelly on top of cream cheese. Spread on cheese and crackers for an easy peppertizer at your next party!